THE IMPACT CENTER: Meeting Needs and Making Disciples.

By Analiz G. Schremmer, Contributing Writer 

The Impact Center at Christian Family Baptist Church in San Antonio ministers to local military members and their families each month through a feeding center.

“We work with veterans and active duty military – those are our primary clients,” said Christian Family Baptist Church Pastor Rob Johnson, a retired military veteran. “That’s always been the DNA of our ministry going on 15 years.”

“from the beginning, the key focus was to meet the needs in the community and make disciples”

The Impact Center, which is a Texas Baptist Hunger Offering ministry recipient, aims to feed clients and share the Gospel with them, he explained. They distribute approximately 20,000 lbs. of food per month, purchased through the San Antonio Food Bank, which feeds about 400-500 people.

“It’s more than just a food pantry,” he said, adding that his wife, Victoria shares the same conviction. “What we do is help families. We equip families to share Jesus Christ and we teach them to use their Bibles. We are mentors to them and we are developing people into Christ-centered followers.”

Johnson said that when he returned from military service in Korea, he felt the Lord telling him to get involved in the community.

“My wife and I started working with ex-convicts and their families and inviting them out to our home. We would try to show them how to use the Bible, and help them know Christ. We started to invite them over for Bible studies and we would also feed them, so that turned into what is our church now.”

Johnson said that from the beginning, the key focus was to meet the needs in the community and make disciples. While the Impact Center does not currently have a building for operations, the church has improvised to meet needs.